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On that day

On that day

I have to go on the way

For the restless heart

For survival self-esteem

For proof oneself

People who have experience in starting a business may love the song "On the Way". With the melody, people who are usually introverted and indifferent can also be infected by the heroic and deep emotions in the song.

2019 is past and the New Year comes. At this intersection of time, looking back at the past year, mixed feelings, summarize into three words: on the way.

In 2019, policy is on the way. In the first full year of China (Hainan) Pilot Free Trade Zone, as a company in Hainan, we have spent a year in excitement, confusion and expectations, The grand prospects are exciting, and the chaotic reality is confusing. The introduction of the Free Trade Zone policy is a common expectation across the island. In the past year, we have seen a vigorous introduction of talents in Hainan. We believe that these are all accumulating energy, although the policy we are looking forward to is still on the way, but it seemed that a faint thunder from the sky had been heard.

In 2019, ZOSE Group is on the way. Facing the complicated film market and the most stringent real estate regulation in history, we are gritting our teeth and moving forward with a heavy pressure.

ZOSE Cinemas has not loosened its pace of expansion. In this year, five cinemas were opened in Sanya, Haikou, Changjiang, Chengdu and Chongqing, with more than 20 reserve projects. ZOSE Cinemas’ home court status in Hainan has been further consolidated. The layout of the Southwest of China regional sub-centers has taken shape.

In 2019, the second movie "A Day Deal" invested by the owners of ZOSE Pictures successfully completed and is scheduled to be released in the first half of next year. We look forward to this comedy movie with Guizhou as the background and antique trading as the story line, which can bring warmth to the audience.

In November, 2019, management's reform policies for the NEEQ gradually surfaced, bringing new opportunities to the long-lost NEEQ market. As the one of the first batch companies of NEEQ listed and entering the innovation layer, ZOSE Culture study the new policy, adjusted its thinking, and proposed that the next two years will be to enter the select layer of the NEEQ as the stage goal, and choose the opportunity to IPO to achieve the ZOSE culture return of value.

At the end of the year, the main project of the second phase of the ZOSE Golden Bay was completed, all the outer fences were removed, and the five buildings were facing the sea and shining in the sun. Looking at the building that has been carefully polished for several years, just like seeing the bride hoping her wedding, we are both comforted and proud. We look forward to new industry policy, and we also expect more new owners to integrate into the poetic life in spring as soon as possible.

Also in the second half of the year, ZOSE Property passed the tender to obtain the property management right of the History Museum of Hainan Province. It will be integrated into the 110,000 square meters Hainan Provincial Cultural and Sports Park to become the largest cultural property in Hainan management by ZOSE Property.

In 2019, new business is on the way. In early December, ZOSE Investment participated in the hosting of the "Hainan Masters Cup DOTA2". Subsequently, it cooperated with a mature domestic operation team to set up ZOSE-Bomi E-sports Entertainment (Hainan) Co., Ltd., which echoed the "Hainan E-sports Port" Build a blueprint and build a new force for e-sports in Hainan.

In 2019, ZOSE Group is on the way. This year is the 23rd year of the establishment of the ZOSE Group. "The red flag did not fall during twenty-three years." It has grown from 5 people in the start-up period to 1178 people today, from borrowing unknown names to the top 50 private enterprises in Hainan. If it was said that the original journey was for an uneasy heart, then the current move is carrying a larger mission. The road ahead is long, and we need to be kind, sensitive, patient, and passionate about starting a business.

Walking on the road, just to warm my people...

Chairman of ZOSE Group
Liu Wenjun

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