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The Chairman of Hainan ZOSE Group Mr. Liu Wenjun Attended the Second Meeting of Hainan Province Sixth Session of CPPCC

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2014-02-13


Four-and-a-half day the Second meeting of Hainan province sixth Session of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference has been accomplished successfully at The National People''''s congress hall of Hainan on 12nd Feb,2014. Almost 400 CPPCC members of Hainan community focused on the overall situation of the province work, they were very conscientious in the performance of their duties, and offered advice and suggestions on the economy, politics, culture, society and ecological civilization. The chairman of Hainan Zose attended the conference as provincial CPPCC member.

Secretary of a provincial party committee, Director of the provincial people''s Congress Standing Committee Luo Baoming, Provincial CPC Committee, governor Jiang Dingzhi, Provincial Party Committee Li Xiansheng were invited to attend the closing ceremony, and were seated on the rostrum

Provincial CPPCC Chairman Yu Xun presided over the closing ceremony, The Vice Chairman Chen Cheng, Lin Fanglue, Zhao Lisha, Shi Yiyun, Chen Li, Wang Yutian, Wang Yingji, Ding Shangqing, Secretary- General Li Yanjing Seated on the rostrum. The session adopted by vote of the resolution of the work report about the standing committee, the proposal review report of this session and the political decisions.
During the meeting, our chairman Mr. Liu Wenjun submitted the recommendation which is The Advice of Integration of Resources to Creating Hainan image, He proposed consensus of views, content extraction, planning of funds, media integration, which will create Hainan image and promote the visibility and influence of Hainan international tourism island.



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