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The reason why IMAX chose Hainan ZOSE to build Haikou first IMAX cinema

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2013-05-15


After six months of negotiations, the Chief Executive of IMAX Corporation in China and the Chairman of Hainan ZOSE Group Liu Wenjun, the Vice Manager of Provincial Film Company Lin Xiangdong signed the cooperation contract of the first IMAX hall in Haikou on May 13th, 2013. It marks that the Haikou first IMAX hall is officially settled in the ZOSE International Cinema with a total investment of 80 million, and it will be completed before the end of year.

Haikou first IMAX hall in Guoxing Avenue
Lin Xiangdongsaid that the Haikou Jinyi International Cinemas uses  Dual projectors, it is called giant screen film, but not IMAX . The first IMAX hall of Haikou ZOSE International Cinemais under construction at Haikou Guoxing Avenue.

What is IMAX movie hall
Lin Xiangdong said that IMAX is huge-screen movie. By now,  there are three formats of giant screen film. The first one is IMAX DMR films of Canadian IMAX Corporation, the second is Chinese giant-screen film introduced by China, and the third is that the equipment manufacturers launches their own giant-screen film. Therefore, the SONY4K Dual projectors of Haikou Jinyi International Cinema belong to SONY company''''''''s own giant-screen film format , it is called dual giant screen but not IMAX screen.

IMAX focus on brand protection very much
According to the introduction , IMAX pays great attention to their brand image. In fact , Jinyi International Cinema keeps good cooperation with IMAX and it already established many IMAX halls in the mainland of China, but finally Haikou Jinyi International Cinema chose the SONY4K technology in Haikou City. Lin XiangDong explained that IMAX has specified terms in contract that is  IMAX Corporation shall not build another IMAX hall within 2-kilometer radius after the construction of one IMAX hall. In the meantime, the cinema should not cooperate with other giant film technology after signing with IMAX Corporation.


Why chose ZOSE to build Haikou first IMAX hall
The Chairman of Hainan ZOSE Group Liu Wenjun who negotiated with IMAX Corporation more than six months said that there are two reasons why IMAX Corporation chose ZOSE to build the first IMAX hall in Haikou. The first reason is that Hainan ZOSE regards the cinema development as the main business and believes that it is very promising. The second reason is the location of Haikou ZOSE International Cinema--Guoxing Avenue of  Haikou. Both of its commercial atmosphere and design requirement perfectly meet the standards of IMAX Corporation. Therefore, Haikou first IMAX hall settles in Hainan ZOSE after the contract signature yesterday.



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