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Hainan ZOSE Advertising was responsible for the anniversary present design and production of Sansha City

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2013-07-03



Hainan ZOSE Advertising established the close cooperation relation with the Government of Sansha City since Hainan ZOSE Advertising CO.,LTD undertook the ceremony gift production of Sansha City on July,2012. July 24th,2013 is the one-year anniversary of establishment of Sansha City. Hainan ZOSE Advertising made full preparations for the present of Sansha City in advance. Finally the Government of Sansha City chose the USB disk contained both of the video and text propaganda of Sansha as the anniversary present and commissioned Hainan ZOSE Advertising to design and produce. Now the presents are already finished and will be delivered before July 24th.


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