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ZOSE Micro Cinema Was Opened Today

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2017-08-02


On August 1, 2017, ZOSE micro Cinema- SOLO ONE officially opened; it marks the era of personalized viewing’s coming. As the VIP private cinema, which is built by ZOSE cinema, ZOSE micro cinema integrates film, culture, fashion, leisure, and other elements, and refines it deeply, it gives the audience a feeling of actually being there and let them get a new film experience, meanwhile, let them find a moment of comfort and leisure in busy city.

As the micro film- SOLO ONE is located in 3F, Shengdajingdu SOLO ONE Street, No.63, guoxing road, Haikou City. Total area is nearly 2000 square meters. It hasn’t only 29 separate boxes, 10000 films, but also has 400 square meters of lobby. It let the party to play more tricks and set a new benchmark for private theater. Shengdajingdu SOLO ONE Street is the first art style street in Haikou. It mix tourism, leisure, recreation, and set the scene experience in one. ZOSE micro cinema opening will further upgrade the Bay Street format SOLO ONE.

It is reported that ZOSE micro cinema will penetrate into the second and third- tier cities through investment, joining, cooperation and other ways, providing personalized viewing services for movie fans. Micro cinema will become a new trend in the future.







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