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China Culture Real Estate Innovation and Investment Conference Held in Beijing

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2017-09-17


On September 16 2017, the theme of “innovation, cooperation, sharing and development" conference held in China world hotel of Beijing. This conference gathered many elites in real estate industry.

The conference is hosted by the Chinese real estate industry association, China development website and our Beijing Company jointly sponsored. Nearly 450 people joined in this conference, including the vice president of China real estate Industry Association Tong Yuezhong, chairman of China real estate industry association Liu Zhifeng, and secretary Wang Jiaqi and other leaders, expert. On the meeting, the representative explored the creative model of culture real estate, deepened the innovation forms, analyzed the development opportunities, and sought settling problem’s methods. Through communication in the conference, it promoted development between enterprises and enterprises; moreover, it is high quality feast on thinking.





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