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ZOSE Golden Bay project dismantle illegal building work smoothly

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2017-09-28


In order to promote the construction of key projects in Danzhou, and to ensure projects process being carry out orderly. On the morning of Sep 26, 2017, according to "About dismantle the wall of Zhaiji primary school’s work plan”, the People's Congress Chairman Xu Linjian which is from Danzhou Baimajing Town as commander, deputy party secretary Shuchuan Zheng, Party committee member Lin Shiqin led three working groups: security group, policy publicity group, demolition group, to go to Zhaiji primary school and dismantle their wall, meanwhile, they built the new wall of this project.

Export for three working GROUPs, town armed minister Wang Yuqiang, Zhaiji village working groups Li Yuanwen and Li Zhengzhu, Bai Majing police, Binhai New Area Gou Xiaohong and other work teams join in this work.




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