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Qionghai international cinema opens grandly

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2017-11-16

On the morning of November 15, 2017, Qionghai international cinema was opened, which is the ninth international cinema in Hainan. nearly 300 guests attended the opening ceremony, including President of ZOSE GROUP Liu Wenjun, chairman of ZOSE theater chain Lin Xiangdong, manager of Beijing company Qu Guangzhi and manager of Qionghai film company Wu Yun, chairman of Hainan Chang Sheng GROUP Li Chengxiong,

Qionghai international cinema is located in 3F, commercial building, No.7, south of Aihai road commercial walking street, Jiaji town, Qionghai city. It has operating area of 3000 square meters, with 880 seats, equipped with first IMAX hall in Qionghai, including 4D dynamic hall and 3D digital Hall it have 6 hall. At the same time, it use ZOSE 3.0 upgrade decoration style, bringing new viewing experience for Qionghai people. It also indicated that Qionghai entered into large-format, 4D dynamic and laser film time.

During the opening, a variety of viewing benefits were prepared for the fans, it attracted a large number of people to come to watch.

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