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"Hainan Daily" Reported Shared Farm Fund

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2018-01-30


During the "two sessions" of Hainan, Hainan received good news. On January 29, "Hainan Daily" published an important article: "Hainan province has entered into a substantive operation stage of the shared farm fund," and the first shared farm fund of China invested, planned and executed mainly by ZOSE Group was officially unveiled.

The full text of Hainan Daily is as follows:

Hainan Province Has Entered into a Substantive Operation Stage of the Shared Farm Fund

The First Shared Farm Fund in China

By CHEN YILIN | Hainan Daily |

There should be a new act in the new era. To take new opportunities, our province actively explored a new mode of investment and operation for shared farm. Recently, Hainan Shared Farm Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. was allowed to register, marking the establishment of the first shared farm fund of China executed by Hainan province, entered a substantive stage of operation formally.

In the first half of last year, our province pioneered the proposal of "constructing a beautiful country with a shared farm as the starting point" and issued a series of related supporting and guiding policies to determine 61 pilot-shared farms, arousing widespread concern at home and abroad. Especially after the Party's 19th National Congress put forward the strategy of "rejuvenating the countryside", Hainan's construction of shared farms is favored by major investment institutions both inside and outside the province.

Support of capital is important to construction of shared farm. Therefore, led by the Provincial Finance Office, with the support of the Provincial Department of Agriculture and the Ministry of Finance, Hainan ZOSE Group, Haiken Tourism Group, Haiken Commerce and Logistics Group, Kun Fund, Hainan Poverty Alleviation and Development Corporation etc. co-sponsored the establishment of the first domestic farm shared fund.

According to the person in charge of Hainan Shared Farm Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd., at present, the fund of 1 billion Yuan for the first stage of shared farm fund has been basically implemented and the fund scale is expected to reach 5 billion Yuan within two years. The next step is to make good use of Hainan's unique natural endowments and integrate resources from all sectors of the community to create a number of shared farms with quality and taste, humanity and ecological elements, technological elements and creative elements, shared farm will be a new beautiful "business card " for Hainan ecological civilization construction.

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