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ZOSE • Wanquan Bay held Spring Festival Gala

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2018-02-23


Qionghai Migratory Bird Art Troupe' s large-scale dance " Era of Prosperity" opened the prelude to the show, male and female voice duet, "Building a Chinese Dream," sing the strongest voice of the times; community owners show a fan show " South Peach Female" is favorable; three and a half performance of "a new era, a new journey" expressed the expectations and confidence of people to achieve a better life; children dance performance "Little King Kong," the three little actors produced by the owners, full of dynamic character performances, as the rising sun. There are variety performances, such as Jinghu solo, model show, Allegro, Taiji Sword, modern Beijing Opera, Rewapu singing, dance which were pleasantly surprised audience.

In addition to the colorful variety show, there is draw a lottery or raffle, Wanquan Bay property prepared a rich lottery gift given to the majority of owners, everyone sentiment is high, the atmosphere is very warm.

With the finale of the Qionghai Migratory Birds Troupe ending with the "Chinese Good Family Tradition," the 2018 Spring Festival ZOSE• Wanquan Bay was successfully concluded. More than two hours of audio-visual feast made the owners to feel warmth, owners were satisfied with the wonderful Spring Festival Gala held by the ZOSE • Wanquan property.








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