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Chairman Liu Wenjun attended the provincial private entrepreneur representative symposium

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2018-10-08


On October 7, 2018, the United Front Work Department of Hainan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce organized a symposium of private entrepreneurs to learn the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi during the inspection of China Zhongwang in Liaoning on September 27, and listen to entrepreneurs’ opinions about Action Plan 40 on Optimizing the Business Environment (Draft for Comment) in Hainan. Governor Shen Xiaoming attended the meeting and stressed that leading cadres at all levels of government should profoundly understand the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi, correctly face the current downward pressure on the economy, strengthen confidence, and join the market competition with greater determination and greater courage. Make "friendly" and "clear"-type friends with entrepreneurs, knowing the actual situation of enterprises, solving problems in enterprises, and creating favorable conditions for the healthy development of private economy in Hainan.

At the symposium, 15 private entrepreneur representatives, including Jing Zhu and Liu Wenjun, exchanged experiences on the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi, and optimized business activities environment in Hainan from improving government efficiency, intellectual property protection, production factor protection, and SMEs' burden reduction. Everyone said that during the inspection tour in Liaoning, General Secretary Xi reiterated that "the two are unwavering" and gave private entrepreneurs a "reassuring heart", which further enhanced their confidence in development, actively seized development opportunities, and actively participated in the Hainan Free Trade Zone and construction of a free trade port with Chinese characteristics.

Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, Executive Vice Governor Mao Chaofeng, Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, United Front Work Department Minister Xiao Jie, Vice Governor Shen Danyang, Provincial Government Secretary Ni Qiang, Provincial Party Committee United Front Department, Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce Party Secretary Guo Quanmao and Provincial Administration Leaders from the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of Natural Resources and Planning, the Provincial Department of Commerce, the Provincial Market Supervision Administration, the Provincial Taxation Bureau, and the Provincial Finance Office attended the meeting.


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