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Hainan ZOSE Culture Communication CO,.LTD(stock abbreviation: China Television Culture, stock code:430508) was founded in November 2003, with a capital of RMB 68 million yuan. It is the core enterprise of ZOSE Group, the leading enterprise about Hainan Culture and the first cultural industry demonstration base in Hainan Province. It has formed its precedence in four sectors, including advertising media, performance entertainment, cinema chains as well as film and television investment.

The advertising media is the foundation of ZOSE Culture. ZOSE Advertising was set up in July 1996. It has focused on advertising and committed to marketing in the past more than 20 years, growing with many brands. In 2002, ZOSE Advertising was selected into “the top 100 local advertising brand in China”. In recent years, the focus of ZOSE advertising has been changed into We-media operations. Its exclusive owned outdoor advertising and film advertising resources before filming have covered more than 80% of the population of Hainan.

Entertainment is the start business of ZOSE Culture. In line with the original idea “inheriting excellent culture and building a spiritual home", ZOSE Culture has opened the market of Hainan excellent performance. Over just more than 10 years, it has introduced more than 300 excellent performances at home and abroad and the audience up to 1 million people. It is the future direction for the entertainment of Hainan Province to explore the cultural elements of the culture, create a tour performance and upgrade the cultural connotation of the international tourism island.

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