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ZOSE Micro Cinema is the first personalized theater of ZOSE Cinemas, ZOSE Micro Cinema is a VIP private theater constructed by ZOSE Cinemas. ZOSE Micro Cinema integrates many elements of film, culture, fashion and leisure to further refine and allow the audience is in the midst of a new movie experience, looking for comfort and relaxation during a busy life.

ZOSE Micro Cinema has a building area of 2000 square meters and has 29 independent boxes, including 2 large boxes, 2 mid-boxes, 25 small boxes and 10,000 massive original film sources. Let the party to play more tricks, set a new benchmark for private cinema in Hainan. SOLO ONE is the first entertainment art style street in Haikou. It integrates amusement, tourism, leisure and scene experience. The opening of ZOSE Micro Cinema will further upgrade the format of SOLO ONE Customs Street.


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