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Chengdu ZOSE International cinema is located in the 4th floor, 186MALL, CRCC PLAZA, No. 38, Donghua No.2 Road, Chenghua District, Chengdu, operating area is 3400 square meters, it is an international five-star standard movie theater which is invested 35 million RMB with 932 seats and 6 halls, including 1 IMAX hall, 1 4D hall, 1 VIP luxury video hall and 3 digital video halls.


CRCC PLAZA is large-scale commercial complex established by CRCC which is Fortune Global 100, located in prosperous campus economic circle, nearby Jianshe road and Longtan business area. CRCC PLAZA has shopping mall, cinema and KTV will attract a large number of consumers, it will become the unique One-stop shopping center around east central district.

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